Exedy OE Clutch Kit 06-11 Honda Civic Si/Acura Rsx Type S
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The EXEDY OEM Replacement Clutch Kits are premium aftermarket replacement kits used for retrofitting, repairing, and rebuilding your OEM clutches. The EXEDY OEM Replacement Clutch Kits come with the necessary components, such as clutch covers and clutch discs, to ensure that you'll have the correct parts to replace your OEM clutch. The Clutch Cover included in the EXEDY OEM Replacement Clutch Kit is built using a precise robotic testing process to ensure proper clamp load and clutch lift separation. The testing process helps ensures optimal pedal feel for better drivability. The Clutch Cover receives special high-frequency induction heat treating to help guarantee its durability and also prevent the wear that normally occurs at the contact surface of the release bearing. The Clutch Disc that comes with the EXEDY OEM Replacement Clutch Kit feature unique friction materials that have superb friction and wear characteristics. These friction materials help your clutch to engage smoothly.

The Clutch Disc is provided with the patented Disc Spring Dampers which can suppress engine and driveline noise by absorbing vibrations. The EXEDY OEM Replacement Clutch Kits are manufactured using the same innovative and state-of-the-art design process that allowed EXEDY to secure a contract to exclusively supply carbon clutch products to Formula One's Team Ferrari in 1995. Field-tested to ensure that these Discs can meet or exceed the strictest industry standards, the EXEDY OEM Replacement Clutch Kits are designed to be durable and reliable replacements components that will allow your system to perform superbly even under the toughest operating environment.


  • OEM Replacement Clutch Kit
  • Disc Diameter: 215mm
  • Spline Size (mm): 26.19
  • Spline Count: 24


  • Made With Premium Friction Materials That are resistant to Slippage and Burst
  • With Cover Assembly That Endures Robotic Testing to Ensure Proper Clamp Load and Clutch Lift Separation
  • Diaphragm Spring (Dark Fingers in the Center) Received Special High-Frequency Induction Heat Treating to Prevent the Wear That Normally Occurs at the Contact Surface of the Release Bearing
  • Like-New Pedal Feel Throughout the Life of Your Clutch
  • Spring-Type Disc Dampers are Patented Worldwide to Suppress Engine and Driveline Noise by Absorbing Vibrations
  • With Vehicle-Specific Designs

EXEDY Corporation is a global leader and a world-renowned specialty manufacturer of clutches and torque converters. With over 80 years of in the manufacturing industry, EXEDY prides itself in delivering the safest, high-quality, and cost-effective aftermarket products in over 100 countries around the world. Utilizing the most advanced technology, EXEDY strives to provide its customers with products that are delivered on time. In its effort to satisfy the needs of each customer, EXEDY has put up sales and production locations in 25 countries, with 44 affiliates and over 18,000 employees all over the world. When it comes to clutch and torque converters, there is no other option but the EXEDY Way.

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